The 69er deal -Gel($69!), Oil & Scrub & Gel Wash


1 x Peachy wash

Feeling Fresh & Maintain A Healthy pH Balance With Our Cleansing feminine Gel.
All Natural Feminine Herbal Infused Wash Gently Cleanses, Prevents Build Up Of Bad Bacteria, Helps Remove Bad Odours & Soothes Your Yoni Without Any Nasties.
This Wash Has Been Infused With 7 Feminine Herbs That Promote Good Reproductive Health, & With Regular Use This Wash May Help With: 
• PMS Symptoms & Menstrual Cramps 
• Helps Prevent Odours 
• Can Lighten Menstrual Flow 
• Help Maintain Balanced pH & Prevent Bad Bacteria Build Up 
• Reduce & Soothe Irritation & Itchiness
You May Experience A Slight Cooling Sensation. 
The colours may vary with this product, but the ingredients will stay the same.
Directions: A little goes a long way simply pour small amount onto hand, massage onto labia, vulva let the warm soapy water clean the area. Rinse completely and pat dry your vulva with a soft dry towel or allow to air dry.

Avoid contact with eyes NOT FOR INTERNAL USE

1 x Peachy scrub

This Scrub Naturally Exfoliates, Leaves Your Skin Feeling Super Soft & Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs, Helps Reduce Dark Marks & Hyperpigmentation, Has A Delicate Feminine Scent & Is Gentle Enough To Use On Your Intimate Areas & The Rest Of Your Body.
Contains Tea Tree Oil Which Is Antiseptic & Anti-inflammatory. 

Lemon Oil Which Is Full Of Antioxidants Plus Aids In Brightening The Skin.

Turmeric Powder Which Is Used To Naturally Brighten The Skin & Reduce Dark Marks & Hyperpigmentation.

1 x Oil

Keep Your vagina Feeling Fresh, Toned & Moisturised With Our Soothing Oil.
This Natural Elixir Contains An Impressive Blend of Natural Oils. Infused With Red Rose Buds.
• This Oil Will Help To Keep Your Vagina Feeling Fresh All Day 
• Quickly Soothes Irritation & Inflammation From Day To Day Activities including Chaffing 
• Help Balance pH & Antibacterial 
• Help Increase Natural Vaginal Lubrication 
• Help Remove Bad Odours
• Can Be Used During Menstrual Cycle 
• Infused With Red Rose Buds Promotes Self Love & Has Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Fragrance Free - Fragrance From Natural Essential Oils Only 
Oil Can Be Used Daily.

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